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PostHeaderIcon 90 Cool Seo Tools

You should check searchenginegenie.com . There are too many usefull seo and webmaster tools in this site.

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PostHeaderIcon Cool Online Seo Tools

I’ve found a seo site, seoheap.com. They have pretty seo tools like web site analyzing, backlink checking, keyword suggestion tools,  reciprocal backlink checking tool. i think you should check this site  ;)

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PostHeaderIcon Free Online Web Site Submission Services

Free online web site submission services that i use regularly. Hope it helps ;)

1. Submit Express

2. Free web submission

3. Add me

Also a helpfull link;

Top free directories & search engines

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PostHeaderIcon Search Engine List For DoFollow Links

How can we find dofollow links for link building? Here’s the list of search engines for finding dofollow links:


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PostHeaderIcon Permalink building tool

For good seo it’s important to build your website with friendly urls. One of the most confusing part is .htaccess file. Here’s a good tool to build your .htacess file rapidly.

What’s written for this service;
“The Mod Rewrite Generator can be used to turn dynamic URLs into search engine friendly static URLs. Static URLs typically rank better in search engines than long complex dynamic URLs with lots of parameters, they are easier to index in the first place and they’re also friendlier looking to the end user. Go to the Generator…

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PostHeaderIcon Google announced a new proposal to index AJAX

Bruce Johnson and Kathrin Probst from Google anaounced a new proposal on google blog for search engines to index AJAX. As you know AJAX shows the same URL for multiple pages of a content. So this is a real headache for search engine optimizations . Here’s the article link about ajax indexing.

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PostHeaderIcon Good resource for search engine optimization

Matt Cutts who  wrote the first version of SafeSearch, which is Google’s family filter, and he has worked on search quality and webspam at Google for the last several years. His blog is on of the popular blog about SEO. Here’s the link; Good referance for who want to know more about seo.

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PostHeaderIcon Search engine discussion forums

Webmasters discussing how they can get a favourable listing of their website in the search engines and directories. see also search engines list

WebmasterWorld.com | WebmasterWorld is an online discussion board, where webmasters discuss search engine technology, search engine optimization, including esoteric subjects like cloaking and spidering.

Sitepoint forums | You may find helpful in your quest for information on top search engine positions.

Free Search Engine Discussion Forums | This is a fairly new discussion board hosted by “ihelpyou services”, a Web promotion company.

Search Engine Forums | SearchGuild is a new web based forum focusing mainly onn search engine optimization and marketing

Search engine watch forums | Search Engine Watch Forums is hosted by Search Engine Watch, the most influential search engine site on the planet.

More discussion forums;

seroundtable , seochat , eng-tips , submite xpress , abakus , high rankings


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PostHeaderIcon Major Search Engines List

Here are the Major Search Engines List, its usefull when you submit your sites manually …


google altavista teoma
yahoo alltheweb wisenut
msn search netscape lycos
ask jeeves looksmart dmoz
aol search inktomi

Other Search Engines;

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