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PostHeaderIcon 90 Cool Seo Tools

You should check searchenginegenie.com . There are too many usefull seo and webmaster tools in this site.

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PostHeaderIcon Color combinations for web design


“Choosing the right color combination is vital for any design – web site layouts included. A good color combination can lead to success while a bad one spells doom. In these pages you will find more than 200 color combinations to help you in selecting colors for your web site.”

Here’s the link for this usefull color combinations:


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PostHeaderIcon Hiding & protecting images on web

You can protect your images at least from amateurs by using  the original image as a background & put a transparent-blank file over it that matches the size of the real image. Here’s the code;

<div id=”image1″ style=”background-image: url(yourimage.jpg); background-repeat:no-repeat;”>
    <img src=”img/blank.gif” height=”100%” width=”100%”>

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PostHeaderIcon How to add virtual products to zencart

You know that it looks very complicated when you first install t. I was looking for how to add virtual products like templates, codes etc. I was very close to get crazy because of this situation when i’ve found this tutorial video. So let’s watch and learn, click here.

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PostHeaderIcon Css tab menu resources

Here you can find css tab menu samples, codes for free below ;

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PostHeaderIcon Css Tab Menu Creator

multi-tabsAre you wasting time when building tab menus? So here is a usefull tool for your desktop and completely free. You can build horizantal or vertical tab menus with many options by css tab menu creator.

” CSS Tab Designer is a unique and easy to use software to help you design css-based lists and tabs visually and without any programming knowledge required! “

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PostHeaderIcon Secure php login scripts

In these articles you’ll find the best solutions for creating a secure PHP login script that will allow safe authentication.

1.Devshed Tutorial
2.Phpsense tutorial

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PostHeaderIcon Another Cool Css Menu Builder

izzymenuAnother impressive free css menu building tool from izzymenu.com

” What is IzzyMenu – it’s easy to use, Online Menu Builder, which allows you to build your CSS & DHTML menu in minutes. Choose from dozens ready styles or create your own menu style. IzzyMenu, online menu generator is the best solution for amateurs and professionals! “

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PostHeaderIcon Free online css menu builder

css menu builderHere’s a online css menu builder that  i’m impressed;

“300+ horizontal menus, our 700+ vertical menus combinations and our breadcrumb menus that consist of more than 200+ combinations, in total the site offers more than 1000 menu combinations not including the endless color combinations. ”

Webdesigners should have to bookmark CSS MENU BUILDER . You can build horizantal, vertical, breadcrumb css menus with this online tool without any knowledge of css.

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PostHeaderIcon Permalink building tool

For good seo it’s important to build your website with friendly urls. One of the most confusing part is .htaccess file. Here’s a good tool to build your .htacess file rapidly.

What’s written for this service;
“The Mod Rewrite Generator can be used to turn dynamic URLs into search engine friendly static URLs. Static URLs typically rank better in search engines than long complex dynamic URLs with lots of parameters, they are easier to index in the first place and they’re also friendlier looking to the end user. Go to the Generator…

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